Speck-tacular Wild Game Dinner

Chad and Stefano from NAPA Valley Olive Oil are cooking up wild Specklebelly goose recipe after a successful hunt in the Butte Sink of CA. The recipe calls for stuffing the Specklebelly with orange, apple and rosemary. Next they layer the Specks with Olive Oil and dust it with cornstarch and the Fowl dry rub from The Provider. Next place your seasoned Specks backside down in Traeger Grill heated at 275. In about 30 minutes or when your Specs read internally at 105 to 110 degrees you can then you can turn them over and reverse-sear them on high heat to get a nice crisp. At 128 degrees remove them and serve at 133 or 135 degrees. Grate some parmesan cheese on top.

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