A new streaming TV show in partnership with the Outdoor Channel.  This exciting new short form series will focus on the field to table aspect of hunting. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned hunter, a new hunter, or even if you never hunted this show will appeal to everyone who cares about the food they eat. This series is a great source for wild game recipes and inspiration to get outdoors.

Join Chad and Clint and Clay Belding along with their good friend Chad Mendes and they hunt and cook across the world! And remember, Be The Provider!

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Duck Raviolis in the Snow

The Provider Team chases mallard ducks in a stormy snow covered bean field with some of their friends. Then it’s off to prepare the ducks for an authentic Italian ravioli dish! This is what it means to know where your food comes from!

A Thai Twist on a Nevada Bull Elk

Clay Belding and the resort of Team Provider scour the Nevada mountain scape in search of a bull elk worthy of this amazing Thai Basil Wild Elk dish prepared by team members Chad Money Mendes along with Clay and Clint Belding! Enjoy!

A Goose Hunt Pulled In Many Directions

The Provider Team is in Alberta, Canada chasing Canada geese, specklebelly geese, and other waterfowl species. They encounter a hint on this day that has them salvaging for their famous Pulled Goose Sandwiches! Sit back and enjoy as this entire recipe is revealed!

An Asian Mallard Duck Hunt and Dinner Combo

The Provider Team is back in Canada and now they have the mallard duck back in their sights! As the hunt unfolds, Chad begins to visualize his Duck Fried Rice! There is a catch, there is no wok or stove top, just a 1980s grill in a motel parking lot! Let’s get after it!

Nerf Football Mallard Ducks

This hint is Epic. This recipe is even more epic. Good buddy Joel Whicker joins Team Provider for a dry land mallard duck hunt followed by his specialty recipe that was born in Arkansas! Chad and Joel throw a touchdown pass for sure with this meal!

Mossy Pond Gobblin’ Nuggets and Skewers

It’s off to South Georgia to join Brad Arington and the Mossy Pond Outfitters crew! Turkey is on the menu and these recipes come straight out of The Provider Cookbook! Team Provider member Jennifer Swenson leads the charge to feed the entire lodge! It’s Turkey Time to go to work!!