Who We Are:

The Provider was founded by Chad Belding, Clay Belding, Clint Belding, Chad Mendes and Tom Rassuchine. A team of hunters and outdoorsmen that all share the same dedication to the idea of living off the land and being a provider for friends and family. There is no better lifestyle than being able to hunt a deer, fish a walleye, harvest waterfowl or raise one’s own steer, and then see it all come full circle when that wild game, free range meat or veggies from the garden, seasoned to perfection, is displayed in the middle of a table filled with friends and family.

Our Rubs & Sauces:

We have developed a collection of meat and veggie rubs and sauces in collaboration with BBQ pitmasters, hunters, and by family secret recipes. These rubs and sauces are perfectly paired with not only the different wild game that you can harvest but they can also enhance the flavor of any meats and vegetables found in the grocery store. 


We have also created a cookbook that invites you to our table to share in the amazing food and stories that we’ve accumulated from our travels hunting, fishing and living off the land throughout the country.

The Provider TV

A new streaming TV show in partnership with the Outdoor Channel. This exciting new short form series will focus on the field to table aspect of hunting. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned hunter, a new hunter, or even if you have never hunted this show will appeal to everyone who cares about the food they eat. This series is a great source for wild game recipes and inspiration to get outdoors.