Wild Turkey Bacon Skewers Recipe

A recipe from our Midwest Kitchen with chef Joel Kleefisch and his guest Dave Nelson, Wisconsin State Goose Calling Champion. Joel shows us how to be a Provider cooking up honey glazed wild turkey bacon wrapped skewers. Anything with Bacon is gonna taste good but combining The Fowl Rub, honey and the preparation elevates this dish. Your buddies will for sure come back for seconds.   You can find this wild game recipe and more in The Provider Cookbook!

Joel Kleefisch
Author / Hunter / Chef

Joel Kleefisch is the former representative of State of Wisconsin Legislature and State Representative. Joel is an avid Wisconsin hunter and has developed some delicious wild game recipes. Listen to Joel’s Midwest Podcast Series on The Fowl Life Podcast



Sweet maple paired with smoky paprika and bright citrus combine for a the perfect complement to your ducks, turkeys and more. It’s duckin’ good!

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